Bubblelement- The Bubble Tea Experience

Bubblelement- The Bubble Tea Experience

This post is a little different. I’m not a food/restaurant blogger. But when you find little treasures in Colombo … it is hard not to share. Not to confuse this place with the Bubblelement in Galle, the Bubblelement in Colombo is a smaller, cosy establish located in Colpetty.



The Bubble Tea

Bubblelement serves two types of bubble tea. One is the milk-based teas which contain chewy tapioca balls. We tried the Oreo milk-based tea and just a little disclaimer… you really are going to get the bubble tea experience. There were so many tapioca balls that by the end of the oreo drink me and my friend had to admit defeat; we couldn’t finish it! You should keep in mind that while this is a fun and refreshing drink, more than swallowing …there was a whole lot of chewing involved! But it was a fabulous experience and I would definitely try a milk-based bubble tea again.

Bubble Tea Sri Lanka Brit Lankan BurberryHowever, if the task of chewing all those tapioca balls seems a little arduous to you; then the fruit flavoured bubble tea is the way to go! Instead of tapioca balls, there are fruit flavoured balls, which literally melted in your mouth as you drank. We tried the passion fruit bubble tea and let me tell you, it was the perfect remedy to a hot humid day. We didn’t have to fuss about adding sugar or there being too much sugar. It was just right.

Bubble Tea Sri Lanka Brit Lankan Burberry

Of course, they have a whole diverse range of milk based and fruit-based teas including Lychee, Mango, King Coconut, Faluda, Honey Dew, Strawberry, Taro, Peach etc. You will definitely have options to go for. Personally, I would recommend splitting with a friend because the jars are huge and that way you could also experience more flavours without spending your money.

Bubble Tea Sri Lanka Brit Lankan Burberry

The Panini’s

Currently, there are around nine options for the paninis. They have a range of interesting fish and meat options; steak and cheese, pol sambol and beef curry, chicken in alfredo sauce, minced chicken with cucumber and bell peppers being among the choices. But as a vegetarian my eyes gravitated to the one vegetarian option on the menu- Number 7 ( Mozzarella, Aubergine, Cucumber and Sundried Tomato). Unfortunately, when I asked for it, they said they were out of certain ingredients and couldn’t make it. A few of my other friends have been to Bubblelement and this seems to be the repetitive answer for some other choices on the menu such as chicken with alfredo sauce.


IMG-20160702-WA0044Yet, on a positive note, I feel they made up for it by making a customized vegetarian option for me! It took a little longer for the others. With all honesty, though, I have to say it was well worth it. This is coming from a person who is rather impatient when it comes waiting for food. It was filling yet at the same time it didn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. Instead, the Panini was crunchy, light and packed with interesting flavours. This makes it a perfect choice for lunchtime when you want a ‘feel good’ power meal. Also, for 500 rupees it is was certainly a value meal.

IMG-20160702-WA0103.jpgHowever, if a Panini seems like too many carbs for your taste, they also have a range of sweet goodies to try. I didn’t have a chance to try them but they were kept in adorable glass jars… straight out of French movie.

Style and Décor


We never think about it, but a room can create a positive or negative energy. It is large to do with the style and décor.  Style and décor go hand in hand like coffee and cake (or so I am told!) It is the reason why simple colour schemes can really impact your mood. Some people might think this is not an important aspect of a dining experience. But trust me it is! When we go out to eat with our friends, we want to chill, relax, take good Instagram photos etc! So naturally, if the atmosphere is influenced by the décor of the room, the design of the venue can make or break the whole vibe.


Luckily, it is clear when you enter Bubblelement that décor is a wonderful part of the package! They actually turn the fact it is a rather small space to their advantage; by making it feel cosy and quaint. For some people, it may seem a tad too cutesy borderline childish.  But I think everyone can appreciate the upbeat vibe of the place with its preppy, positive messages hung up on the walls. I personally loved it!! Little details like the lamb made it seem quirky and unique. Also because it is painted in light colours, despite being a small space it still seems airy and bright which I loved.


Is it really a worthwhile experience?

Overall, it is a worthwhile experience. If you are thinking that this is going to be Earl Grey tea with bubbles in it, then not the place for you. But if you are not a huge tea lover and want to spice up your usual fruit drink then I would recommend trying Bubblelement. The Bubble teas are absolutely the highlight of the whole place but I would recommend that you try the fruit bubble tea first. While I loved the milk-based drinks with tapioca balls, it might feel like a mouth workout for some people.


The only thing I would change about the place is the fact Bubblelement does not reflect the cultural or evolution of Bubble Tea. It isn’t just some novelty created by the West. Bubble tea actually originated from the streets of Taiwan and was later taken to America.  With all this talk about cultural appropriation in the media, I just feel it’s a fact which should be made aware of. Think of it this way…we wouldn’t like it if Sri Lankan cuisine was used in other countries and we were not given credit for it! But when looking at the overall dining experience, so long as they keep a healthy stock of ingredients for their Panini’s, then this is somewhere I would visit again!


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  1. The oreo bubble tea sounds smashing! And as a fellow vegetarian, I hope option No. 7 is available whenever it is I decide to drop by!


    1. theliyareina says:

      Hi, yes it was good, but as that was one of two years ago I am not sure about the quality now Sometimes restaurants start out so well but once the hype builds they are not as good. Definently worth checking out though


      1. Oh right. I didn’t check the date of the post haha! Yeah that’s true enough


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