The Ultimate Summer Lookbook 2017

‘Winter is here’… has been the theme of this Game of Thrones Season and while Winter is not upon us yet, summer is definitely drawing to a close. I thought that in one last homage to the summer season I would compile a summer look book for all of you. So, with the help of my beautiful impromptu model Kassie Blake (follow her on Instagram guys!) I present three classic summer looks!


1)The White Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have always been a staple for any girl’s summer wardrobe, but nothing is as classy as a white summer dress.  It just has that laid back, not a care in the world vibe to it! Some would say pair this with a retro pair of sunglasses and wedges and you’re good to go. But knowing UK weather, it would be best that you keep a denim Jacket on standby, just in case.





2) Colourful Mini Dresses

Summer has its own exclusive wardrobe… so make sure you take full advantage of it. Remember that colourful mini dress you thought would be too colourful to wear on the streets? It’s time to pull it out of the closet and rock that dress! You do not need a lot of accessories as a simple handbag or practical hat would do the trick. Just make sure you pair this dress up with a colourful lippie to ensure pure fabulousness.



2) The Off the Shoulder Top/ Bardot top and Denim Shorts

I thought off the shoulder tops would just be a last year summer trend. But it looks like off the shoulder tops (along with chokers) is here to say. If you want to go for classic just pair a Bardot top off with denim jeans. The best outfit for summertime fun. Unfortunately, our Bardot tops will have to be hidden under jackets once September comes along so let your shoulders enjoy the summer weather while they can!




Just talking about our celebrity crushes
Kassie Blake -Gayanthi-Hapuarachchi
Just hanging out in the castle

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